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Travel Guide to Rome

Rome is the perfect getaway! Especially for culture seekers, foodies, and the hopeless romantic. But Rome is HUGE and it can be quite overwhelming. There’s so much to do and, unless you’re staying for a week or longer, you’ll have to carefully plan out every single day so that you won’t miss a thing. I’ve put together a travel guide for you in hopes to facilitate your travel planning. <3

Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

The Trevi Fountain

I cannot stress this enough: you MUST visit the Trevi Fountain at least once in your life time. It is absolutely magical and breathtaking. But, because it is one of the most popular fountains in the world, it is ALWAYS crowded with tourists. I suggest you wake up at 5am, get ready for the day, and immediately head toward the fountain. Not many wake up this early, therefore, you’ll have the fountain all to yourself. Perhaps, you’ll have to share it with three or four other crazy morning persons. 😉

PS. Be sure to visit the Trevi Fountain at night, too.

The Vatican and the Sistine Chapel 

Whether you’re religious or not, The Vatican will blow your mind! There’s tons of art and history to explore within the Vatican Museums. Make sure you buy your tickets online, at least, one week in advance — they tend to sell out. St. Peter’s Basilica is just as spectacular, but, make sure you arrive bright and early, as well. I though the Trevi Fountain was overwhelmingly crowded until I went to the basilica. The line was insane!

The Colosseum 

Another jaw-dropping, historical monument; The Colosseum is one of the new seven wonders of the world and you must not miss it! Admission is free every first Sunday of the month, but, if I were you, I’d pay to enter on a different day. Of course, free admission equals more visitors. Avoid the crowds and purchase your tickets here.

Getting around

>> Traffic is heavy and chaotic, so, opt for walking. Rome is one of those cities where you would prefer to walk, anyway. There’s something to see in every corner and that is how I discovered amazing locations and attractions that I had never heard of.

>> Public transportation is also great and pretty straightforward. You can purchase a 72-hour Roma Pass for 38.50 euros; the price includes the cost of all metro, bus, and tram rides you take. They also have a 48-hour pass.

>> Uber is great for long distances. If you’re exhausted at the end of the day and far from your hotel, request an Uber — it’s an experience in itself. All Ubers in Rome are Mercedes vehicles and all drivers wear a suit and tie. 😀

Getting to Rome

There’s two international airports near Rome and both of them are located on the outskirts of the city. It will take about forty minutes to get to Rome, so, make sure you give yourself enough time for this. If you plan on taking a taxi, be prepared to pay a flat rate of 60 euros. It is a new law and no taxi or Uber will charge more or less.

Where to Eat

La Piazzetta

This restaurant is located just blocks away from The Colosseum and is a ten-time winner for their Penne all’Arrabbiata. Just kidding, I just made that up because that’s how good it is. But, really though.

Angelino “to Holes” from 1947

At Angelino’s you’ll find delicious Italian cuisine along with a cute patio facing the Roman Forum. They also have a well stocked bar and outstanding service.


Literally, every gelato shop will hold mouthwatering goodness. You can’t go wrong. Please don’t leave Rome without having a cone….or ten!

Other Helpful Tips

>> If you’re a student, carry your student ID card with you. Most museums and attractions will give you a discount or a reduced price ticket. A lot of places also offer a discounted price for young adults. Always double check online, or ask at the ticket office.

>> If you visit Rome during summer, expect high temperatures and sunny days. Pack light and avoid denim.

>> You’ll encounter unofficial tour guides outside of most attractions and museums; they will offer a “skip-of-the-line” in exchange for hiring their services. These guides charge an unreasonable fee compared to official tour guides. The best way to book a guided tour is, always, through the official online website or at the ticket office.

>> There are public water faucets everywhere. The water is clean and okay to drink. Carry a water bottle and refill as you go.

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