Tiger Cave temple in Krabi Thailand

Tiger Cave Temple

If you’re ever in Krabi, Thailand, make sure you visit Tiger Cave Temple. Krabi has plenty of beautiful beaches, which I’m sure you’ll visit and love. But if you have some extra time on your hands, rent a scooter and drive up to the temple. It was my absolute favorite out of the ones I visited! Not because of its beauty, but because it’s exhausting to hike up to it. And, once you reach the top, it’s extremely rewarding!

You have to climb 1,237 steps to reach the temple! At first, they’re little steps and you even feel like stepping over two at a time, but the further you go the steeper the steps! I was drenched in sweat within fifteen minutes.

There’s monkeys along the way and they’re super cute. You’ll want to pet them or feed them but DON’T! These monkeys are mean and they throw things at you! Luckily, they didn’t do anything to me but listen to the WARNING signs!

My friend and I tried to reach the top right before sunset but we underestimated the hike. It took us longer than expected and I wasn’t able to take the beautiful sunset pictures that I wanted. :'( Make sure you give yourself, at least, two hours to get up there.

1,237 steps later, I found myself overlooking the tropical mountains that stretched as far as I could see. We took our shoes off and explored the temple as we gawked over the breathtaking view.

It got dark pretty quickly so we only stayed for about an hour. But it worked out perfectly because fireflies started to appear and I was taken away. I had never encountered them before, they’re so beautiful and magical.

I had such wonderful experiences while in Thailand. This is one I suggest you don’t miss out on.




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