Savannah Travel Guide and Best Places to See

The Ultimate Savannah Travel Guide

Savannah is a gem of a city along the coast of Georgia. This dreamy city is packed with southern charm, oak trees covered with hanging Spanish moss, cobblestone streets, quaint historic squares, Southern Antebellum architecture, and horse carriages that add a sense of romance to the streets as they prance along they city. If you’re ready for a dreamy and epic trip to the South, then this Savannah Travel Guide is for you!



SPRING: The best time to go to Savannah, Georgia is during spring, from March to July. This is the season when temperatures are mild and azaleas bloom throughout the city. However, because this season is the most popular, flight and hotel prices might be a bit pricier.

FALL: Another great time to visit is during fall season, specifically during October and November. Fall season is extra special because Savannah is considered one of the most haunted cities in America, which is why it comes to life during Halloween. November is also the driest month with perfect temperatures to stroll around the city, the leaves start changing colors, and the city isn’t overcrowded.


I would suggest a minimum of three days in Savannah. It’s small enough to explore within a weekend but there is also so much to see and do, so take your time if you can. Ideally, I would suggest 5-6 days if you’re planning on visiting Tybee Island along with some of the other attractions outside of the city.

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WALK: Savannah is totally walkable! My boyfriend, Miguel, and I walked everywhere and only took Ubers to and from the airport and when we visited the Wormsloe Historic Site, which is almost 10 miles outside of Savannah’s Historic District. Other than that, we walked everywhere and truly enjoyed doing so. There’s something to see in every corner and a beautiful town square every few blocks.

RENT A BIKE: You can also rent a bike if you’re limited on time and want to get to your destinations faster. We saw tons of biking tours and groups riding along throughout the city.

UBER: I would only suggest taking an Uber to and from the airpot, Wormsloe Historic District, Bonaventure Cemetery, and Tybee Island. I definitely wouldn’t suggest it for daily transportation. They can get pretty expensive once you total them up.

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River Street

River Street is a stretch of walkway along the Savannah River. You can visit century old buildings that were once cotton warehouses and have now been turned into antique shops, restaurants, hotels, galleries, pubs, and nightspots. You can also just walk along the front and watch cargo ships pass by or take a cruise down the river, which eventually meets the state border of South Carolina.

River Street in Savannah | The Ultimate Savannah Travel Guide

Wormsloe Historic Site

Wormsloe is an old plantation that was once the home of one of the first Georgia settlers. Today you can visit the ruins of this Colonial estate, stroll through the gardens, and take epic pictures at a 2 mile oak tree lined driveway covered with hanging Spanish moss.

Town Squares

There are a total of 22 historic town squares in Savannah. They are all so dreamy and totally worth visiting. You really can’t go wrong with this one!

Forrest Gump Bench

Speaking of town squares, make sure you visit Chippewa Square – it was the filming location of one the most iconic movie scenes ever! Do you remember, “My momma always said life was like a box of chocolates?” Yup! That scene from Forrest Gump was filmed here in Savannah. The bench that Tom Hanks sat on was a movie prop, so you won’t find it at the park, but you can still take a walk around and imagine the entire scene play out. And if you really want to see the original bench you can find it at the Savannah History Museum.

Forsyth Park

This park spans over 30 acres and it is Savannah’s largest and oldest park. You can sit back and enjoy the lush greenery, grab a bite at Collins Quarter or snap a picture in front of Forsyth Fountain – a 150-year-old water fountain surrounded by oaks with hanging Spanish moss.

Forsyth Park | The Ultimate Savannah Travel Guide

The Cathedral Basilica of St. John

This cathedral is absolutely breathtaking! It is often named one of the top cathedrals to visit in the USA and it is also referred to as “The Sistine of the South” because of its intricately painted murals and 80 stained glass windows. It is tall, white, and has towering steeples that can be seen from a distance. It’s just incredible!

Fun Fact: the cathedral was featured in the live-action Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp (2019).

The Cathedral Basilica in Savannah, Georgia

Take a Trolly Tour

There are plenty of trolly tours in Savannah, some emphasize on history or architecture while others highlight the haunted spots in the city. They are so much fun and you’ll get to learn so much about Savannah.

Jones and Rainbow Street

The architecture in Savannah is incredibly diverse; you can find anything from Colonial and Gothic Revival to Victorian and modern. In fact, over forty percent of the buildings and homes have architectural or historic significance. Which is why you need to go on a self-guided walking tour down Jones Street and E Bryan Street (or rainbow street). The houses are mesmerizing!

City Market

City Market is a four block open-air market that has been around since the 1700s. You can shop, dine, and visit galleries in restored warehouses. The nightlife is also super active and fun – it’s a great place to have a few drinks, socialize, and jam out to live music.

The Paris Market

The Paris Market is a charming boutique gift shop where you can find antiques, housewares, gifts and jewelry. You can also find a coffee shop and seating area inside with Parisian style and decor. It’s such a cute spot!

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Miguel and I stayed at a Sonder right in the heart of Savannah’s Historic District. Sonder is an apartment-hotel with unique stays and personalized experiences. We loved it so much and highly suggest you check them out. They have a super convenient app that allows you check-in, request fresh towels, and get dinner recommendations – all from your phone! Their dreamy stays, services and amenities are unmatched!


Staying at Airbnbs is always a great option! It’s my preferred form of lodging while traveling. Staying with a local or at a local’s home always adds to your unique experience in that city, so I always recommend Airbnb.

Staying at Sonder in Savannah, Georgia | creative travel photography



PJ Thai – Delicious Thai specialities in a cozy restaurant with outside seating, beer, wine, and a list of celebrity guests that have dined at this yummy restaurant – like Adam Sandler and Zoe Saldana.

Leopold’s Ice Cream – This ice cream spot is ridiculously popular due to all of the celebrities that have visited! The ice cream is okay and the wait line is usually out the door, but it’s pretty cool to go inside and see all of the A-list celebrities that have stopped by along with the photos and autographs displayed on the walls.

The Old Pink House – Probably the most popular restaurant in all of Savannah! It’s a pink historic restaurant with Georgian style architecture that has welcomed visitors from all across the country and around the world. They serve classic southern cuisine and have live music at this elegant Colonial mansion built in 1771. Because of its popularity, you will need to make reservations at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

Vinnie Van GoGo’s – Want something fast and affordable but still delicious? Just head over to City Market where you’ll find Vinnie Van GoGo’s, a to-go pizza stand with patio seating. They offer graciously large slices and thin crust pies!

Naan on Broughton – Head over to Naan for some delicious Indian Cuisine! They have everything from curries, veggie dishes, kebabs, and freshly made garlic naan. YUM!

Cafe M – This is a charming bistro with French pastries, light breakfast, baguette sandwiches, and delicious lattes.


Drayton Hotel – This hotel has a beautiful rooftop bar with stunning views of the City Hall and even yummier drinks! Perfect for a riverfront sunset experience!

Top Deck Bar – A hip rooftop bar located in the heart of Historic District, serving specialty cocktails and bites with incredible views.

The Lost Square – Another trendy rooftop located near River Street, providing incredible riverfront views and serving craft cocktails and small bites.

Peregrin at Perry Lane Hotel – A sophisticated hotel roof deck with lounge-style furnishings, premium cocktails, and a curated wine list.

Rocks on the Roof – Are you noticing a trend here? There are tons of rooftops in Savannah! The night life is incredible and the views are just breathtaking! Rocks on the Roof is yet another rooftop bar at The Bohemian Hotel with riverfront views, a fire pit, and swanky drinks.

Collins Quarter – This is a combination of bar, cafe, and restaurant serving espresso drinks, beer, wine, and Australian fare.

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I received a ton of questions about Savannah on my Instagram so I though I would answer them in this section. Most of them are already included in the blog, but here are a few that weren’t.

Is Savannah POC friendly? | question by @gracesedition | I did not experience any problems or uncomfortable situations, whatsoever! We met tons of people of color, both locals and tourists alike. We made friends and even shared tables at restaurants. In my experience, I would say it’s definitely POC friendly. For reference, I am second generation Mexican American.

– Is Savannah safe? | anonymous question | Savannah is definitely a safe town! Of course, each city has its fair share of daily crimes, sketchy neighborhoods and homeless people; but if you are mainly exploring Historic District along with the other tourist locations, then you are totally safe!

Why should I visit Savannah? | anonymous question | If I haven’t convinced you yet, then I’m not really sure what else to say. Haha! Savannah is such fun city, you can visit for the history, the nightlife, the ghost stories, the oak trees, the architecture, the food, the hospitality. There’s really a little bit of everything for everyone!


I hope you enjoyed my Savannah Travel Guide! Let me know in the comments below if Savannah is on your bucket list!

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