The Ultimate Guide to Riding the Jose Cuervo Express Train to Tequila, Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Riding the Jose Cuervo Express Train to Tequila, Mexico

The Jose Cuervo Express Train experience is an absolute MUST when visiting Guadalajara! During this full day experience, you’ll get to ride a vintage style train wagon, sip on pretty tequila cocktails, and learn all about tequila tasting as you travel across the agave fields towards the magical town of Tequila.

Tequila is a magical town just an hour outside of Guadalajara, Jalisco. A magical town, or Pueblo Magico, is a town with historical importance, unique folklore, rich culture, and stunning natural beauty – this title is only assigned by the Mexican Government. So, you can already imagine the cute little town of Tequila with cobble stone streets and colorful buildings surrounded by agave fields with views of the Tequila Volcano. 

This tour is by far one of the best I’ve ever experienced! So, if you’re ready, let’s get into all the details so you can start planning a visit! 

Here is the Ultimate Guide to Riding the Jose Cuervo Express Train to Tequila, Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Riding the Jose Cuervo Express Train to Tequila, Mexico | Jalisco outfit, Mexico outfit, Mexico travel guide, girl photography, creative photography


Okay, so, let’s get all the details sorted! First of all, there are two tour options, a sunset train ride and a sunrise train ride. If you choose sunrise, then you will take the train from Guadalajara to Tequila and enjoy a sunrise experience. Once the tour is over, a charter bus will take you back to the city. If you choose sunset, then you will take the charter bus to Tequila and at the end of the tour you will experience the Jose Cuervo Express as you head back to the city. The only difference is whether you want to ride the train during sunrise or during sunset. 

I chose the sunset experience and I’m extremely happy with my decision! I didn’t want to start drinking a ton super early in the morning and then be worn out by noon, especially because I’m a lightweight. Haha! I thought it would be a better decision if I experience the entire tour with a drink here and there, and then go all out on the train after we’ve done all the walking and adventuring. This totally worked out for me, but whichever you decide to choose, I guarantee you, it will me MAGICAL! 



You will depart to Tequila on the Jose Cuervo Express and return on a bus
Duration: 11 hrs.
9:00 am | The Jose Cuervo Express departs from Guadalajara Train Station (Ferromex)
9:30 am | Educational tasting guided by a “Expert Taster”
11:00 am | Arrive in Tequila
11:35 am | Entrance to Mundo Cuervo facilities: visit to Centro Cultural Juan Beckmann Gallardo and La Rojeña distillery
1:00 pm | Free time to have lunch, and enjoy the Magical Town of Tequila
4:15 pm | Mexican Show
6:00 pm | Arrival to the agave fields with “jima” (agave harvesting) demonstration
6:30 pm | The bus departs from Tequila, Jalisco
8:00 pm | Arrive at Casa Cuervo – EDISA


You will depart to Tequila by bus and return on the Jose Cuervo Express
Duration: 11 hrs.
9:00 am | Bus departs from Casa Cuervo – EDISA to the Jose Cuervo’s agave fields
10:30 am | Arrival to the agave fields with “jima” (agave harvesting) demonstration
12:45 pm | Entrance to Mundo Cuervo facilities: visit to Centro Cultural Juan Beckmann Gallardo and La Rojeña distillery
2:00 pm | Free time to have lunch, and enjoy the Magical Town of Tequila
4:15 pm | Mexican Show
6:00 pm | Jose Cuervo Express departs to Guadalajara
6:30 pm | Professional tasting guided by a “Expert Taster”
8:00 pm | Arrive at Guadalajara Train Station (Ferromex)

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Upon arriving to the train station or Casa Cuervo, you will be offered coffee, hot chocolate, breakfast snacks, Mexican pastries, and fruit cups. You will check-in and then find your assigned bus or train and cabin. Make sure to arrive at least 30-60 minutes early so you can enjoy this check-in process without rushing. They are very punctual and will not wait for anyone. 


You will get to explore the agave fields all on your own and take as many pictures as you’d like! The volcano of Tequila sits at a distance behind Jose Cuervo’s agave fields so make sure to bring your camera – the views are EPIC!

During this part of the tour, there will also be an agave harvesting demonstration. A local Jimador (a Mexican agave farmer) will demonstrate how they cut and harvest agave to prepare it for roasting and distilling. You can try the raw root of the plant and you can also try to cut the plant, as well. It’s a very physically demanding job! So grateful for Jimadores! Without them, there is no tequila! 


You will also get to tour La Rojeña Distillery, which is the oldest distillery in all of Latin America. It has been operating for over 250 years! During your time at the distillery you will learn the entire process of tequila making – from roasting the piñas and distilling, to the aging and barrel storage. This part is super fun and informative! 


On your free time, you’ll get to explore the town of Tequila on your own. You can go grab a bite, have a few drinks, shop for some souvenirs, or just a take tons of photos of the pretty town square. If you decide to grab some lunch, make sure to check out La Antigua Casona. 


The guided tequila tasting was my absolute favorite part of this tour – and it’s not just because of all the tequila drinking! Haha! During this part of the experience, they teach you how to use almost all of your senses for tequila tasting, and it was all so interesting. You are taught how to smell, feel, taste, and even see the body (yes, you look at it)! CRAZY! I would’ve never thought to do this myself! You also learn how to drink tequila in a way that it doesn’t burn your throat as much. WILD! Like, you’re telling me this whole time I’ve been struggling with taking tequila shots when I could’ve been impressing my friends?! Haha! You will love this part of the tour, it is so incredibly fascinating! 

Also, dinner and the service was exceptional! I’m vegetarian and assumed they wouldn’t have a meal for me (I was okay with this), but when I mentioned that I don’t eat meat, the waiter rushed to the kitchen to tell the chef to prepare a vegetarian dish for me. I was literally amazed and shocked and how incredible this whole experience was!


Here’s a list of everything that’s included in this tour:

  • Travel on their wide and luxurious vintage wagons
  • Welcoming morning snacks (coffee, pastries, cookies, etc.)
  • Breakfast or dinner (depending on sunrise or sunset tour)
  • A visit to the agave fields with a harvesting demonstration
  • Mexican snacks and cocktails prepared with Jose Cuervo Premium Tequila throughout the entire tour
  • A fun lottery game (Mexican style bingo)
  • Three-glass educational tasting guided by an “Expert Taster”
  • Tour of Jose Cuervo’s La Rojeña distillery
  • Access to Centro Cultural Juan Beckmann Gallardo
  • Free time to have lunch and enjoy the Magical Town of Tequila
  • Mexican show featuring traditional dance and music
  • Traditional toast with premium tequilas


This 11 hour tour is actually super affordable, considering everything it includes. There are four different types of wagons: Express, Premium Plus, Diamond, and their newest addition, Elite. The Express wagon is the most basic wagon and the Elite is, of course, the more upscale wagon with large glass windows, a full bar, and redesigned comfortable seating. Here’s the pricing information for all the wagons:

  • Express – $129
  • Premium Plus – $145
  • Diamond – $162
  • Elite – $175

*expressed in USD

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If you depart from the train station, you will get dropped off at Casa Cuervo. And vice versa, if you depart from Casa Cuervo, then you will get dropped off at the train station. This, of course, depends of whether you choose the sunrise or sunset tour. Once you arrive back to the city, transportation back to your car or hotel is not included, so you’ll have to get an Uber or taxi back to you car/hotel. These two locations are approximately 20 away from each other, so just keep that in mind. Here are the two addresses you’ll need:

Casa Cuervo – EDISA
El Mante 8502, El Mante, 45080 San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.

Guadalajara Train Station (Ferromex)
Av. Circunvalación Agustín Yáñez 11, Moderna, 44190 Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The Ultimate Guide to Riding the Jose Cuervo Express Train in Tequila, Mexico | creative travel photography, travel outfit, Mexico outfit


  • If you want to visit the magical town of Tequila for a longer period of time then I suggest you take the sunrise tour, and simply, do not return with the tour. However, you will need to carry your luggage and find your own transportation back to Guadalajara. Or, you can take the entire tour and return to Tequila the following day. After all, it’s only an hour away. Tequila has some incredible hotels that are definitely worth a stay! 
  • There are plenty of photo opportunities throughout the entire tour, so I would suggest bringing an outfit change so that all of your photos don’t look the same.
  • Wear SPF and carry extra in your bag, trust me! The sun is extra strong in Mexico! 
  • Wear comfortable shoes because you will be doing a lot of walking! 
  • You will be drinking LOTS of tequila throughout the entire tour so make sure you also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated!

I hope you found this Guide to Riding the Jose Cuervo Express Train to Tequila, Mexico helpful and I hope you’re inspired to add this experience to your bucket list! Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

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  1. Loved your blog! My husband and I are planning on doing the sunset tour as well. Was it easy getting transportation to your hotel from the train station?

    1. OMG! Thanks Daisy! I hope you have the best time! 🙂 Yes, it was super easy. They have Uber available so that’s what we did.

  2. This info was very helpful as we are planning a trip to Guadalajara in Feb. Quick question…When you take the train to Tequila, do you get to tour higher end tequila distilleries or do they only take you to Jose Cuervo tequilas? Debating whether to venture out on our own or do the train tour with Jose Cuervo.

    1. Hi Roberta! I’m so glad you found it helpful and I’m super excited for you, I hope you have a blast on your trip! 🙂

      The Jose Cuervo train is exclusively for the Jose Cuervo experience, so they won’t take you to any other distilleries. But you will have a few hours to explore on your own. However, if you would like more time to visit other distilleries then I definitely suggest that you stay the night and return to Guadalajara by your own means. Just make sure to book the sunrise tour with Jose Cuervo and skip the return back in order to stay and enjoy longer. Matices Hotel de Barricas is an incredible hotel and they offer tequila experiences, as well, if you wanted to do something like that instead.

      Hope that all makes sense! Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  3. Can anyone explain the difference between Diamond, Premium Plus or Elite… we have already decided not to take the Express… there is a group of 8 of us going in April. I am not getting a lot of answers on their website. I know the Elite has a “better” train car and an open bar, but don’t the Diamond and Premium Plus have an open bar? Thank you in advance for any information

    1. Hi Tanya! Omg, how fun! I’m so excited for you!

      So, I haven’t experienced Elite or Diamond, but from what I understand, Diamond is more focused on the stylish wagon experience. They refer to it as, “Luxury of Yesteryear.” Elite is the wagon with the largest windows and an open bar, it’s also the best option for groups, I believe. The others have unlimited drinks but they are served by your waiter, as in, you can’t go up to the bar and choose any drink, but you can with Elite. On Premier, you mainly find private tables for 4 but they do host groups, I saw a big party there when I went. This is just my understanding, I hope it helps!

    1. Hi Tanya! No, they don’t serve any alcoholic beverages on the bus. But do serve coffee and hot chocolate in the morning for the sunset tour and you can take those on the bus.

  4. Hi. Can you please tell me where you went to book this? I went on the Jose Cuervo website and it wont allow me to book anything right now.

    1. Hi Jilandra! I booked directly from their website at I just checked right now and everything seems to be working. However, I do see a lot of dates are sold out. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. Great article and very informative. We will be looking at taking the train tour later this year. We will probably spend a few days in Tequila so wont be catching the return bus trip. Do you know if they have a wagon for luggage? We are travelling from Australia so will have at least a couple of suitcases/backpacks and don’t think it would be advisable to try and carry on with us.

    1. Hi Jason! That’s so exciting! If you have luggage, then I would suggest you call Jose Cuervo to see if they can accommodate you, just to make sure. However, if I remember correctly, they did not have enough space in the van you take from the bus drop-off to the town. But it might be different for the morning tour, which is the one you’ll need to take to experience the train if you don’t plan on returning. Personally, I would take my luggage aboard the train, enjoy the train experience, skip the town tour, and take my luggage to the hotel by taxi. I hope that makes sense. I’m happy to clarify if necessary. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the prompt response. As we are coming from Australia we will probably have a few bags. We are thinking of doing a Saturday trip on the train ( bucket list) and then head back the following day to stay in our accommodation. Hoping to be there for Dia De Los Muertos.

        1. That sounds like a great plan! And Dia De Los Muertos is absolutely magical, you’re gonna love it! 💛

    1. Hi Candice! I think any experience can be enjoyed as a solo traveler. However, because you’re tasting tequila and getting a little faded, I would say it would be better with company. You can always meet people during the tour, but the groups are assigned their large seating areas prior to the trip. So, unless someone you meet invites you over, those areas are only reserved for the groups.

  6. Hey there,

    Thought I’d ask because there’s literally no info on this anywhere, but are Cuervo’s premium tequilas included in the ‘all you can drink’ train ride? I am looking to book it, but would be super disappointed if you only got to drink Cuervo Gold


  7. Hi! Love this blog. Can you recommend where to stay in Guadalajara? Hotel suggestions??