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I once read that the happiest people on earth lived in Switzerland. After visiting Zurich, I understood why. Switzerland is surrounded by nature left and right, even the bigger cities. The train ride to Zurich was magical in itself! Gosh, I wish everyone could, one day, see the Swiss alps and pristine lakes. It’s a whole other world out there. In the city, everyone likes to go for walks and breathe in the fresh, unpolluted air. People seem to be genuinely concerned about health, cleanliness, and kindness. Seriously, it’s just so perfect! BUT…it’s expensive — for foreigners, at least. Although the US dollar is worth only three cents less than the Swiss franc, prices are much higher. To be fair, they also get paid a ton more. I believe minimum wage is $22 per hour. The point is, Switzerland is perfect and they’re winning! Haha!

I spent two wonderful days in Zurich, Switzerland and here’s what I did…

Fed the Ducks and Swans at Lake Zurich

As soon as we checked-in to our room, my sister and I got ready to go out for a stroll. We were starving after a long train ride coming from Milan so we decided to walk over to Tibits, a vegetarian buffet. The options were endless and the food was deliciously healthy. But, we ended up with a bill of seventy-something francs — for only two plates. Yikes! Haha! We then walked over to the lake and fed the ducks and swans. They would swim near the edge without fear and they even tried eating our toes. Hahaha! It was a beautiful day and perfect for coffee, so, we grabbed some Starbuck’s across the street and sat along the lake to enjoy the sunset.

Rode a Paddle Boat

The next day, we returned to the lake, but, this time, to ride a paddle boat. We had seen so many the day before and it looked like so much fun. A lot of people would even jump into the water. I had no idea that jumping in was allowed, otherwise, I would’ve taken a change of clothes and a towel. The boat rental was forty francs for thirty minutes. It might sound a little pricy, but, it’s worth it. And, if you’re traveling with others, you can split it. The boat holds up to four persons.

Strolled Through Old Town

Our host suggested that we visit Old Town and I’m so glad we listened to him. The cobble stone streets and old-fashioned buildings are so cute! This is were the tourists linger. Which is why there’s so many bars, restaurants, hotels, and shopping stores. We spent most of our day in Old Town, exploring, and taking pictures. It started raining later in the day so we returned to our room. We completed our night with Middle-Eastern take-out (or “take-way,” as they like to say) and a movie. That doesn’t sound too adventurous but backpacking can be exhausting. And, since it was raining, a night in was perfect. Our room had a large window with an amazing view. We enjoyed the thunder and lightning and dozed off in our cozy bed. 🙂

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