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South Lake Tahoe | A Couples Getaway

My boyfriend, Miguel, and I recently reconnected with our high school friend, Julio. We have been double dating and doing cheesy couple things together with him and his fiancé, Adrianna. Haha! 😀 Julio’s birthday came up and, to celebrate, we decided to head out to South Lake Tahoe for a mini four-day vacation. Aside from celebrating a birthday, we mainly wanted to have a relaxed and stress-free trip — it turned out to be the perfect little getaway!

We rented out the cutest cabin with two bedrooms, two baths, a fully stocked kitchen, dining area, living room with a fireplace, two balconies with gorgeous views, and a rooftop jacuzzi. The place was to die for. I could’ve easily spent another week there. Every morning I would wake up and go straight to the balcony! The tall mountains covered in green pine trees, the birds chirping, and the fresh air would brighten up my day! After enjoying the scenic view, my friends and I would prepare breakfast and coffee and we would turn on the fireplace to get those cozy cabin feels. Sometimes we would even throw on a movie and sip on wine for a more relaxed experience.

Around town we did everything from walking by the lake, to trying hot cocktails for the first time, and hitting the nightclubs and casinos. We took a stroll by the lake and did plenty of walking around town. Tahoe’s shopping centers, restaurants, and retail stores are so cute because they’re all cabin-like. Plus, they decorate the streets, trees, and shopping centers with hanging light, which makes walking so enjoyable. At some point, we stopped by a pizza parlor and tried their hot alcoholic beverages, beer battered fries, and veggie pizza (salad for me, haha). I’m still savoring those beer battered fries — so delicious! If you’re ever in the area, head to Base Camp Pizza Co. to see for yourself! 😛

To end our nights, we would hit the casinos or a nightclub. First, let me tell you how intense gambling is, especially if you play card games like Black Jack. Your palms literally sweat from the pressure and the risk of loosing…I don’t know…a couple hundred dollars! 😮 I, on the other hand, headed over to a slot after the nightclub and inserted one SINGLE dollar and won $40 dollars. Haha! I don’t know about everyone else but I felt pretty cool. 😀 The nightclubs were fun as well, we would dance like no one was watching with our AMFs in one hand and not a care in the world in the other.

Day-Trip to Reno 

My boyfriend and I also took a day trip to Reno. It’s only an hour away from Tahoe and we’re always up for an adventure. Miguel’s family was visiting Reno as well, so we met up with them at Circus Circus for a buffet brunch. We played arcade games with his siblings until we couldn’t carry any more prizes! Haha! Circus Circus also has a mini trapeze acrobats show — it’s fun to watch!

After the casino, we were starving so we decided to head out to my friend’s family’s restaurant. This is actually a CRAZY story! I met this friend in Madrid, Spain at a hostel. We then went our separate ways and traveled through Europe. After two to three weeks, we ended up being in Paris, France at the same time so we met up and hung out for an entire evening. Now, she was visiting her uncle that owns several restaurants in Reno and I happen to be there at the same exact time. Like….whaaaaat? I’m still mind blown. It’s such a small world! Anyway, we planned to meet up and she joined us for dinner as we caught up on all of our travel stories. Not to mention, her uncle came out to greet us and took care of our entire bill! Ugh, I can’t even! This is one of the reasons I love to travel. You meet extraordinary people along the way and create never-ending friendships. It was the highlight of my week!

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  1. When you make the blog for the 2nd time 😎🤑 This has to be the best one yet!! Great job Cynthia!! -FORTY6

  2. I love everything about this post! And you are extremely beautiful I could stare at your pictures all day! 😍 good job baby! 😘

  3. Your blog is a fantastic resource! The way you highlight the romantic spots and activities in the area is truly inspiring. It’s evident that you’ve captured the essence of a perfect retreat for couples. Thanks for sharing these wonderful insights and helping us envision a magical getaway for two! 💑🏞️