running over the bridge in LA with Nike

Running with Nike

Even though I strive to, it’s not always easy to eat healthy and make time for exercise while traveling. That is why I do my absolute best to stay active and remain  health-conscious while I’m home.

One of my favorite things to do to remain healthy is to run. But running doesn’t always sound fun or appealing, even for me. Which is why I run with the Nike+ Run Club app (NRC). Whether you’re a beginner or a marathon racer, you can create a personalized plan that fits you. The app tracks and archives your progress and motivates you to keep going!

Nike also hosts running events that you can sign up for through the NRC app, completely free!

My ultimate favorite NRC event was held in downtown Los Angeles. Nike invited special guests Gina Rodriguez, from Jane the Virgin, and Carmelita Jeter, an olympic athlete. It was so much fun! They handed out T-shirts, Gina and Carmelita pumped up the crowd, they provided drinks and snacks post-run, and the energy was insane!

It’s a lot more motivating to run with other invigorating people than to run alone.

Nike hosts events in a lot of major cities. Look up the ones nearest to you and try it out. You’ll love it!

All photographs provided by Nike.

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