My Top Favorite Moments in Cape Town, South Africa

Last year, in November, I met up with twelve incredible ladies in Cape Town, South Africa for an educational photography tour hosted by The Blonde Abroad, aka, Kiki. I had been wanting to visit South Africa for a long time, but I never thought it would happen so soon and that it would be as magical as I imagined. It was such a life altering experience and an unforgettable adventure.

Every single day was a busy one — we would continuously be on the go, venturing out and trying to capture Cape Town’s endless beauty. I created so many irreplaceable memories and I’m so eager to share my top favorite moments during my time in Cape Town and surrounding areas, in hopes to inspire you to visit Cape Town, to add these items to your bucket list, and to create your own magical moments.

Helicopter Flight


I had never been on a helicopter prior to this trip, so you can imagine my excitement when I was told we were flying over Cape Town. Literally, one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited, especially from above. If you haven’t been on a helicopter before, let me tell you, the feeling when taking off is quite particular. I, for one, was not expecting it. Helicopters can be a bit jerkier than airplanes during take off but the rest of the ride is very smooth and pleasant. We were given a headset equipped with a mic, all of them connected to the same line in order for everyone to communicate and hear one another properly. I felt so cool! 😀 And the views were insane!! We saw Table Mountain, Lions Head, the bowl, the coast — not to mention, it was on a beautiful, sunny day. I couldn’t have asked for a better helicopter flight experience!

Penguins at Boulders Beach


Penguins have to be some of the cutest animals out there. And their monogamous relationships are just absolutely adorable. Well, Boulders Beach in Cape Town is full of African penguins and they’re roaming around freely in a protected natural environment! Gawwh! I walked around and admired them, they were everywhere — swimming in the ocean, cuddling by the rocks, taking strolls on the sand. It was such a unique experience. I was dying to bring one or two back home with me. When I walked into the water to take some pictures, two of them started swimming right by my side and then walking right next to me. My heart instantly melted! So from now on, just call me the penguin whisper. No big deal! 😉

Sunset Beach Picnic

Another magical experience during my time in Cape Town was the surprise sunset beach picnic that The Truffle Journal prepared for us. All the girls decided that it was the most whimsical experience of all. Kiki’s team told us to dress nicely and then took us down to a somewhat secluded beach. We had to take several steps down to the shore, and when we reached our destination, we found a beautiful picnic setup with lanterns, throw pillows, food, a bartender serving delicious, aesthetic beverages, a gorgeous beach with a sun ready to set, and, did I mention food? All the girls gathered around to take pictures while simultaneously enjoying a delicious drink. We then waited for the sun to set in order to take some vibrant shots, and, finally, we sat and filled up on the most delicious dinner and dessert while we shared stories, star gazed, and laughed all night long.

Lions Head Hike


For the Lions Head hike, we woke up super early and started heading out around 5am. Our driver stopped by a convenience store and we were given snacks, water, and juice. Once we got dropped off, we immediately began the hike to try and reach the top to admire the views during sunrise. I would say the difficulty level of the hike is moderate. The beginning is a little steep, and the top portion of the hike requires you to rock climb and actually pull yourself over some of the rocks. They have even installed some handlebars for this to be possible. If I’m not mistaken, I think there’s a second trail that’s not as difficult as the one we took. But we wanted the challenge! 😛 Fun fact: my pants ripped from my butt while I was climbing and I had to warn everyone behind or below me that I was about to moon them. Hahaha! After we reached the top, took a kazillion pictures, and gawked at the insane views and sunrise, it was time to come back down and head out for some breakfast. It was the perfect morning!

Safari Game Drives

Okay, so I literally had a dream about going on a safari months before I even knew I was going to South Africa. My dream was so realistic and so much fun, I woke up feeling like I had just had the time of my life! So, when it was time to go on a safari, I was freaking out! If you know me, then you know I’m vegan and I LOVE animals!! As we were entering Gondwana Game Reserve, Kiki started playing “The Circle of Life” from Lion King for us and it was almost like a calling for all the animals because we saw most of them just on the drive from the entrance to our villa — rhinos, zebras, bushbuck, you name it — they must’ve been expecting us. 😀 It was just absolutely and incredibly fascinating to see elephants, lions, giraffes, hippos, and rhinos be in their natural habitat. On our very first game rive we spotted lions just after they had hunted; they were feasting and we were like 10 feet away! They would even roar or start walking closer to the cars and everyone would be like, “OMG! OMG!” Haha! But our guide would assure us that we were completely safe. Also, pretty sure lions are my spirit…I was ECSTATIC!! It was just an, overall, wonderful experience and I would LOVE to do it again! <3

Wine Tasting in Stellenbosch

Finishing off my top-favorite-moments list is wine tasting in Stellenbosch, but especially at Babylonstoren, one of the most gorgeous properties ever. This place is a farm that includes a hotel, spa, garden, winery, and farm-to-table restaurants. The property is huge and super dreamy. When we arrived we headed straight to our little wine tasting session, of course. 😉 Followed by a lot of picture-taking and finalizing with a healthy, delicious dinner. This day was one of the last before the retreat was over so it was extra special. And like I said, Babylonstoren is so huge and you can, literally, get lost in the gardens — the photo ops are endless!

These were my top favorite moments, but the entire trip was a dream! Can’t wait to visit again! 


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