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Laugh a Little

I have fallen in front of large crowds, I have spilled drinks and food on myself when I’m in public, I have accidentally called ex-boyfriends, I have walked into Starbucks completely unaware of the sharpie doodles written on my forehead (provided by friends that love me), I have unintentionally flashed others, and there’s a ton more embarrassing stories where that came from. And during these moments, I find myself laughing endlessly and obnoxiously. Yeah, maybe I felt a little tiny bit of embarrassment, but, so what?! Who doesn’t make mistakes? Who could possibly be that perfect? We don’t always see everyone else’s embarrassing moments, but, trust me, they have their fair share. So, why wouldn’t we laugh at ourselves? Life is not that serious!

I think I sometimes even do “embarrassing” things on purpose, because it makes me feel free. Things like: playing hopscotch at the fanciest restaurant I’ve ever been to, playing leapfrog with friends at a grocery store, trying on the most ridiculous clothes at my favorite retail store and then walking around the store, riding the kids miniature carousel at Chuck-E-Cheese, and dancing ridiculously at any given moment. Practicing such behavior pushes you to NOT care about what others say, and that’s the first step into true freedom.

So, here’s a compilation of pictures of me living freely and laughing at myself along the way. Enjoy!

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