cindyycheeks at palace of fine arts photography - Instagram worthy spots in San Francisco

Instagram-Worthy Spots in San Francisco

San Francisco is full of Instagram-worthy spots!! Every corner of the city is wildly picturesque! If you’re planning a trip to San Francisco soon (after quarantine) and you want to capture some Instagrammable shots, then this blog post is for you!

I’m not from the city but I live fairly close and I’m always visiting! I’ve gone time and time again so it kinda feels like home now! Here are the most instagram worthy spots that I’ve discovered throughout my visits:

Stow Lake Boathouse
Address: 50 Stow Lake Dr. E

Literally, the dreamiest little lake that will make you feel like you’re in the movie The Notebook! Bring some bird food and feed the ducks while you row your way through Stow Lake at the Golden Gate Park.

Crissy Field
Address: 1199 E Beach

The prettiest grass field with amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge; you can come here to have a picnic, walk along the shore, and of course, to take some cute pictures!

Baker Beach
Address: Battery Chamberlin Rd.

One of my favorite beaches! Locals come out here to tan (sometimes nude), to play with their pets, and to have chill hangout days with friends. You can also see the Golden Gate Bridge from here!

girl in red dress at baker beach san Francisco California

Twin Peaks
Address: 501 Twin Peak Blvd.

My absolute favorite spot to catch the sunset in the city! From here you can see the skyline, winding roads, the Bay, and so much more! You can’t miss this one!

16th Avenue Tiled Steps
Address: 16th Ave or Moraga St

This is a creative mosaic stairway and it is great for photos! They mosaic art features a sun and moon masterpiece and it is absolutely astonishing!

Instagram worthy spots in San Francisco

The Painted Ladies + Alamo Square Park
Address: Steiner St & Hayes St

“What ever happened to predictability?! The Milk man, the paper boy, evening TV.” Haha! If you were ever a Full House fan then you have to see the Painted Ladies for yourself (even if you weren’t a fan)! They are a set of colored Victorian houses with views of the city skyline right behind it – they were featured on the show.

There’s also a park right in front of them called Alamo Square Park where people like to have picnics and enjoy the views! It’s seriously such nice vibe!

girl at the Painted Ladies, San Francisco

Union Square
Adress: 333 Post St

Union Square is a cute little hangout spot in the middle of the city where you can grab a cup of coffee and people watch! It is also surrounded by shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, and upscale retail stores. Take a picture on a crosswalk to capture the bustling streets!

union square -

Palace of Fine Arts
Address: 3601 Lyon St

Palace of Fine Arts is a Greco-Roman architectural attraction where they host performing arts. The building is a total dream and the photo-ops are endless! Many come here to capture their wedding or engagement photos!

cindyycheeks at palace of fine arts photography - Instagram worthy spots in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge
Address: Golden Gate Bridge

Don’t just admire the Golden Gate Bridge from afar. Go on the actual bridge and walk across the bridge to capture some epic photos!

girl at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Taylor & Broadway Street
Adress: 1055 Broadway St

I recently found this street that has a steep STEEP incline! It’s kind of scary because it feels like your car will tip over, but it’s totally worth the views!

SF city skyline - Instagram worthy spots in San Francisco

Sausalito + Cavallo Point Lodge
Address: 601 Murray Cir, Sausalito

A while back my boyfriend and I visited this lodge for Valentine’s Day and it was absolutely magical! The views were amazing and the property is so dreamy!

girl having a picnic in SF for sunset- Instagram worthy spots in San Francisco

Battery Spencer
Address: Conzelman Rd, Sausalito

One of the most iconic spots for views of the Golden Gate Bridge! It has been featured in many blockbuster movies like Planet of The Apes and The Internship. The views are spectacular form here, especially for sunrise and sunset!

battery Spencer sunrise in Sf

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California St
Address: California St & Powell St

If you want a picture that screams San Francisco, this is it! From California Street you can capture the Bay Bridge, the steep inclined streets, the cable car, and the tall buildings! It’s a visual summary of the city!

cindyycheeks at California Street - Instagram worthy spots in San Francisco

Ghirardelli Square
Address: 891 Beach St

Shops and restaurants fill this 3-level landmark near Fisherman’s Wharf and it is the cutest spot to grab some coffee or dessert , shop, and taste some chocolate!

Ghirardelli Square - Instagram worthy spots in San Francisco

Conservatory of Flower
Address: 100 John F Kennedy Dr.

Visit this Victorian glass greenhouse that features more than 2,000 species of plants and flowers. Your pictures will literally look like they were taken in a jungle!

Chinatown + Dragon’s Gate
Address: 502 Bush St

Chinatown is full of vibrant colored buildings, neon signs, and Chinese hanging lamps! It is the perfect spot for photos!

girl in Chinatown with cute outfit - San Francisco

Ferry Building Marketplace
Address: 1 Ferry Building

It took me forever to go inside the Ferry Building but once I did I couldn’t believe it had taken me that long! It s such a fun spot to shop for produce, coffee, cheese, candy, and prepared food. It’s also super fun to photograph!

Instagram worthy spots in San Francisco

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this list of Instagram Worthy Spots in San Francisco! Comment below if you would add anything to the list!



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