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Havana, Cuba: Day 2


Quick update: my most recent trip was to Havana, Cuba with my younger sister, Andrea. I’m doing a series of day-to-day summaries. You can read about our first day here, in case you missed it.

Here’s a summary of our second day in Havana!

– Breakfast –

Once again, we started our day with some home made breakfast at our casa. I really wish I could bring our host with us for the rest of our travels. Literally, she served us the exact same thing that I would prepare myself for breakfast back at home. With the exception of the sweet poundcake. But vacation calories don’t count, right? 😉 I know it’s not very Cuban and I should be exploring the cultural food, but…vegetarians and vegans have it a little harder. Either way, breakfast isn’t a huge thing in Cuba. And I can’t go without breakfast, it’s my favorite meal of the day!

– Vintage Car Ride –

We walked over to Parque Central and booked a vintage car tour. I specifically asked for a pink convertible! 😀 Our guide took us through Old Havana, Central Havana, Vedado, and the malecon. For all you Fast and the Furious fans, the beginning scenes of The Fate of the Furious were filmed in Cuba and on the malecon. It’s a broad, straight-shot roadway along the coast of Havana – perfect for car racing! 😉 Our guide told us that most rental cars participated in the film, including him and his car. It was the ride of a lifetime!

– Museo de las Bellas Artes –

It was scorching hot and we needed a break from outdoor activities, so, we decided to visit an art museum. Museo de las Bellas Artes displays canvas paintings, sculptures, and several artifacts. Some paintings were very intriguing, and others were just weird. Haha! Visiting the museum helped with the heat but it’s definitely something you can skip if you ever visit.

– Las Calles –

The streets in Havana are very unique. They’re colorful, narrow, and beautifully old. One of the best things to do in Havana is to get lost and admire every single building. Havana makes you feel like you travelled in time. Bring your camera and photograph this gorgeous time capsule!

– Hotel Sevilla –

We spent the rest of the day at Hotel Sevilla. Which is my favorite indoor spot in Havana. First of all, the hotel is pink. Like, come on! Haha! More importantly, they have a patio bar that is always full of life and they have the best entertainment. A fellow Cuban told me, “you cannot come to Cuba and leave without drinking a Mojito and dancing to salsa music.” Well, actually, one of the hotel employees told me that when he asked me to dance. So…I drank a mojito and I danced!

PS. I think it was the employee’s job to ask people to dance in order to keep the place alive. Someone was always dancing.

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  1. Dude! I’m loving your posts 💕💕💕 #GOALS & btw I’m totally getting fomo lol

    1. Thank you!! You’re my #1 fan! 😅 Can’t wait to plan a trip together! 🤗👯💕