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Fun Things to Do in South Lake Tahoe During Winter

rooftop views in South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe is a popular skiing and snowboarding destination, but people often forget that there is so much more to do than just that — maybe because winter activities aren’t always so obvious. But there are plenty of fun things to do in Lake Tahoe during winter, so I created a list that will hopefully add more fun and adventure to your next South Lake Tahoe winter trip!

Fun Things To Do In South Lake Tahoe During Winter 

cindyycheeks at Emerald Bay Park in South Lake Tahoe

Visit Emerald Bay State Park

The views from and to Emerald Bay State Park are INSANE!!! You really cannot miss this! You can hike around, explore, and enjoy some breathtaking views while sipping on a warm drink. You can also spot Fannette Island from here, which is a forested bay island with an abandoned stone cottage that was once used as a tea house.

Cruise The Lake 

Go on a sightseeing cruise tour with Zephyr Cove – Lake Tahoe Cruises. They will take you on a boat ride with spectacular views of Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay, along with fun facts about their fascinating history. Plus, you’ll get tons of photo-ops!

coffee break at heavenly village in South Lake Tahoe

Explore Heavenly Village

Literally one of my favorite things to do! Heavenly Village is the perfected destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment. It’s located at the base of the Heavenly Mountain Resort Gondola so there’s always a lot of activity and it’s super lively. You can find good food, drinks, live music, cute boutique shops, and more!

Dine at Base Camp Pizza

While you’re visiting Heavenly Village, make sure to grab some drinks and dinner at Base Camp Pizza! Their pizza is to die for, their beer and wine will delight your senses, and their daily live music will add some fun to your dining experience! I always have a blast there! But make sure you show up early to put your name down because they usually have a long wait-time.

ice skating in south lake tahoe, fun things to do in South Lake Tahoe during winter -

Ice Skate 

This is why I say Heavenly Village is my favorite — pizza, shopping, music, AND ICE SKATING?!! And all within the same spot? It can’t get better than that! Enjoy the music, lights, and wonderful winter ambiance while you show off your ice skating moves on the rink!

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Watch A Movie at Heavenly Village Cinemas 

After dinner and ice skating, you can escape the cold and end your night with a movie at Heavenly Village Cinemas! There’s something about watching a movie and getting cozy when it’s cold outside. Makes for a perfect little winter date-night!

fun things to do in South Lake Tahoe -

Hit the Slopes 

Of course, almost everyone comes to Tahoe to snowboard or to ski so I couldn’t leave this one out! A good place to start is Heavenly Mountain Resort (obviously) or Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort. By the way, you don’t have to snowboard or ski in order to take the lift, and I suggest that you do!

South Lake Tahoe Mountain Views - fun things to do in South Lake Tahoe

Go For a Ride On a Snowmobile

I haven’t done this myself but I’ve heard wonderful things! If you have a fear of heights, you can do this over at Tahoe Snowmobiles where you can ride along a track. But if you’re seeking thrill and adventure then you can head over to Lake Tahoe Adventures for a summit snowmobile tour with plenty of photo-ops!

fun things to do in South Lake Tahoe -

Tubing at Adventure Mountain 

If you’re looking for some affordable family fun, check out Adventure Mountain. They have tubing, snow sledding, and plenty of space for snow play. It is the highest sledding resort with the most amount of snowfall in the entire Tahoe Basin, so don’t miss out on all the fun! Oh, and I can’t forget about their newly remodeled lodge where you can warm up by the fire, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, and have some lunch at their cafe!

Lakeview commons in South Lake Tahoe fun thing s to do I South Lake Tahoe during winter

Soak in the Lake Views at Zephyr Cove (or at Lakeview Commons) 

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and peaceful activity, then go for a stroll at Zephyr Cove and/or Lakeview Commons. You can feed the ducks, have a mini picnic, or just sit on a dock and soak in all the beauty that Tahoe has to offer.

Hope you guys enjoyed my list! Comment below if you would add anything to this list! 





  • CJ

    Your blog is a treasure trove of winter delights in South Lake Tahoe! From skiing on the slopes to enjoying the scenic beauty, it’s the perfect guide for anyone seeking winter fun. I’m especially excited about the cozy cabin recommendations – nothing beats a warm fireplace after a day in the snow! ❄️🏂

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