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Easy Photoshoot Ideas Pt.3

I’m back with more easy at-home photoshoot ideas since quarantine doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere and we still need to get that content! Haha! Hope you love part 3 just as much!

Easy Photoshoot Ideas Pt. 3

Head In The Clouds

The easiest and dreamiest shot ever! Capture the beautiful blue sky and white crisp clouds surrounding you by simply placing your camera on the floor, slightly angled toward you, and voila! MAGIC!

Photo Tip: keep your head high so that you don’t capture awkward double chins haha!

head in the clouds, creative photography - easy photoshoot ideas

Window Rooftop Bar 

Another rooftop idea, but this time you don’t have to climb so high! Just hop right outside of your window and bring a drink to enjoy with the sunset! Capture the moment for some magical vibes!

Photo Tip: play around with lights and shadows so you can achieve a light beam effect! Just move your camera around, point the lens towards different directions, and find the right angle!

home rooftop bar, creative photography, photo ideas, photo tips

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Laundry Day

You’re probably not able to tell, but I wrapped a bed sheet around a mirror and captured this photo like that. I just lifted the corners of the bedsheet and I had my boyfriend take the picture from the side. Easy peasy!

Photo Tip: Hide your tripod or photographer behind the reflection of the sheet!

laundry day photography, creative photography - easy photoshoot ideas

Bedroom Door Frame

Taking pictures on your bed is already a great idea and simple to do, but you can step up your game by simply using the door frame to frame you (or your photo). Bonus points if you use any window light to make it even better!

Photo Tip: pretend to engage in an activity that you would usually do in your room so that the photo looks natural! For me, it’s reading! My bedroom is the place where I do most of my reading! Other activities might include: having coffee, doing your makeup, brushing your hair, journaling, etc.

bedroom photo ideas easy photoshoot ideas

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Window Light + Tea Time

One of my absolute favorites and it was so SO SIMPLE!! I literally just sat on my couch, held my tea mug during sundown, which is when light peaks through this window, and captured this shot! Sometimes simplicity is the most beautiful!

Photo Tip: add items in front of you or in the foreground to bring more dimension to this simple photo! I added pillows!

pretty light photography, tea time, photo tips, photo ideas

Camera Equipment 

Here’s a list of all the equipment I use to capture my photographs! Tap on each item to shop!


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