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Someone take me back to Disneyland, Paris! Ugh…that place is just so magical! To be fair, the Disneyland in Anaheim, California (which is the one I always visit) is much larger. It contains everything Disneyland Paris offers and more! But there’s something about Disneyland Paris that makes it so dreamy. The princess castle night-show and firework-show make it entirely unique and different from the Disneyland in California. Maybe because regulations are different, but, the fireworks are shot at a much closer range, which makes them even more enjoyable and fascinating. I loved, loved, LOVED my Disney experience in Paris and I would return in a heartbeat. However, getting there can be a bit of a challenge. And since I REALLY want you to experience the magic, I created a quick little guide on how to get there from Paris city, ticket prices, and more. I hope you find it helpful!

How To Get There

Uber: You can schedule an Uber to Disneyland and they will drop you off at the entrance. This is a much more comfortable way to travel but it’s also more expense. It’ll cost anywhere from 70 to 100 euros, one-way. And it doesn’t save you any time. It takes just as long as the train.

Shuttle: Disneyland offers tickets that include shuttle pick-up from Paris. They have three designated pick-up locations: Gare Du Nord, Opera, and Chatelet. All of these are subway stations and are easily located on Google Maps. They only pick up passengers once in the morning, around 8:30am. And, they return to the city to drop you off around 8pm. Note: the park closes at 11pm. This means you won’t be able to stay until closing if you’re trying to return via shuttle.

Car Rental: You can always rent a car, but, then, you’ll have to pay for parking. AND you’ll have to drive through the chaotic traffic. You can also risk getting lost and delaying your fun. If you still opt for this option, choose a trustworthy car rental agency, like Hertz, and download Google Maps for easy navigation. It’s a pretty straight shot if you take the highway A4 and, other than traffic, you shouldn’t have any complications.

Subway/Train/Metro: Depending on your location, you’ll have to take an Uber or a bus over to a train station that has direct rides to Disneyland, like, Opera or Cahtalet. Again, make sure you have Google maps downloaded. It’s very handy! I decided to take-off from Opera subway station because I was told that it was one of the easiest to navigate through. And it was! After you enter the station, you’ll find kiosks. You have to purchase your tickets there, you can’t get them at the ticket office. Once you’re at the kiosk, choose a one-way ticket to Disneyland. It’s super straightforward. It’ll also be under “Gare de Marne la Vallee Cheesy.” Cheesy is the name of the town where the park is located. Cheesy, right? Hahaha! Anyway, tickets are just under eight euros for each passenger. Once you have your tickets, follow the “RER A” subway line. They have signs everywhere and they even say “Disneyland – Cheesy.” There are always families and other Disneyland goers that know what they’re doing and you can follow them. The total travel time will be 40 – 50 minutes. Get off at the Cheesy stop and walk out of the station. The gates to both Disney parks will be right in front of you.

Ticket Prices and Ticket Types

Ticket Types: The tickets will be named Mini, Magic, Super Magic, or Super Magic Plus. This simply refers to the day you choose and the price assigned to that day. Basically, it’s a price range. Mini is the cheapest and Super Magic Plus is the most expensive. For example, a typical weekday will most likely be “Mini.” During any Holiday the tickets will most likely be “Super Magic Plus.” Once you choose your day(s) you’ll have to choose between one park or two parks. The options being Disneyland and/or Walt Disney Studios. If you have to choose one, choose Disneyland. But if you can afford both, then do both. The parks are fairly small and you can explore most of both parks in one day. I did! If you choose to do the same, make sure you arrive as soon as the doors open and leave until the parks close. I would start at Walt Disney Studios because it’s the smaller one and then move on to Disneyland. Either way, you’ll want to finish your day at Disneyland because you won’t want to miss the night/firework show.

Ticket Prices: If you choose a “MINI” day, the price is $57, $73 for the Magic, $84 for Super Magic, and $91 for Super Magic Plus. Children are $8 – $9 cheaper than the prices stated for adults. If you happen to have a Eurail Pass, you’ll get discounts and all sorts of Disneyland deals. I paid $70 for access to both parks because I had a Eurail pass. PS. I’ll write a blog post on what a Eurail Pass is and how to use it, soon.

And…that’s it! I hope you found this helpful. Here are some of my favorite Disneyland pictures to encourage you to visit the happiest place on earth, Paris style!

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