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Czech Out Prague

Prague is one of the most charming cities I’ve ever been to. It’s famous for its medieval architecture and its majestic energy. The countless amount of black, eerie-looking towers and church spires were my favorite. It’s a city straight out of a dark and mysterious fairytale. No wonder it’s one of the most visited cities in all of Europe, its uniquely magical charm is not found elsewhere. And if that’s not enough to convince you that Prague is awesome, wait until you experience the nightlife vibes. Just as my friend, Trini, once told me, “Prague is like a Disneyland for adults.”

*Is anyone else still laughing at the title pun? …no? Just me? Hahaha! Let’s throw it out there one more time! 😀

Here’s a visual diary so that you can Czech out Prague!

What To Do

Old Town Square | Astronomical Clock Tower | Prague Castle | The Powder Tower | Charles Bridge | Watch the Symphony Orchestra at the Rudolfinum Concert Hall | Palladium Shopping Mall | Prague Dancing House

Where To Eat

Agave Mexican Restaurant | Cafe Louvre | Trdelnik from a street vendor (it’s a traditional Slovak pastry)

What To Expect

Language: Czech, but English is spoken throughout most of the country.

Currency: Czech Koruna. One US dollar is equal to 21 – 22 CZ Koruna. Prices might seem ridiculous, but, most likely, it’ll be pretty inexpensive when you calculate the conversion.

Weather: The weather can be quite unpredictable. The days are warm one day and rainy the next. Make sure to pack for both.

Helpful Tips

>> As always, walk everywhere and avoid public transportation. I know that sounds tedious to some but there’s something beautiful to explore in every corner of Prague.

>> If you visit Prague Castle, you’ll find yourself surrounded by amazing views. The castle is located on a hill, hence, the views. But, don’t stop there. Climb up the clock tower  next to the castle’s cathedral for even better views and a quick workout.

>> The castle has its own vineyards along with a wine-tasting restaurant. Don’t skip it!

>> There’s a guest house located on Kozi Street but only listed on Airbnb. It’s almost like a hidden gem because it’s literally like a hotel (if not better) and it’s outrageously inexpensive. There’s several rooms to choose from. Check it out, here’s a link!

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