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Pumpkin Patch

Fall has to be one of my favorite seasons, if not my favorite. The streets get full of colorful fallen leaves, the weather becomes perfect for cozy movie nights, warm apple cider becomes a usual, pumpkin patch festivities begin, friends gather for endless bonfire nights, […]

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Laugh a Little

I have fallen in front of large crowds, I have spilled drinks and food on myself when I’m in public, I have accidentally called ex-boyfriends, I have walked into Starbucks completely unaware of the sharpie doodles written on my forehead (provided by friends that love […]

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Yosemite National Park

Hi Loves! So…I’ve been MIA and I haven’t been posting much on any social media platforms because I’ve been incredibly busy planning the ultimate Summer Europe trip, which I’m so excited to share with you all. I’m going to try my best and push myself […]

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10 Random Facts About Me

Hi loves! I’m doing this blog post because I really want my readers to connect with me. I usually tend to follow bloggers that are more transparent and honest — bloggers that make me feel like we can be friends. Well, I, too, want to make […]

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Running with Nike

Even though I strive to, it’s not always easy to eat healthy and make time for exercise while traveling. That is why I do my absolute best to stay active and remain  health-conscious while I’m home. One of my favorite things to do to remain healthy […]

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