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Beautiful Florence

Florence was one of my favorite cities in Italy. I know, I keep saying that about every city. It’s just…they really are breathtaking. But, Florence holds a certain authenticity. There are no huge skyscrapers, crazy traffic, or hostile environments. It’s not like your typical city. Florence is small and cute. You can kind of compare it to Napa, California but with more art and culture. You can go wine tasting, have dinner with a view, go shopping, or go out for drinks with all the college students. Of all the places in Italy, I’d like to go back to Florence sometime in the near future. Right after Venice. 😀

What To Do

Visit the Florence Cathedral + Dome | Climb over 400 steps to reach the top of the cathedral’s bell tower | Walk over and around Ponte Vecchio | Take a day trip to Pisa | Shop until you drop | Sant’Ambriago Market

Where To Eat

Le Vespe Cafe | Ristorante Buca Niccolini | Don Nino’s Cake and Gelato Shop

How To Get Around

Walk: Florence is small enough to walk almost everywhere so go get lost!

Bus: The Florence Bus system is AMAZING! Each bus stop has a digital screen that changes continuously and updates bus arrival times and routes. It’s so easy to read and navigate.

Taxi: You don’t really need a taxi to get around Florence, but, if you must, have someone help you call ahead. There’s not many cruising by. Also, Uber is not permitted in the city.

Helpful Tips

>> Purchase all tickets ahead of time. Especially tickets to the Cathedral Dome. You have to pick a time-slot and they fill up quickly.

>> Get lost! Yeah, I know I just said that, but…every single corner of Florence is absolutely magnificent. Walk as much as you can so you don’t miss a thing!

>> Just like in Rome, there are tons of public water faucets. The water is clean and okay to drink! It actually tastes better than U.S. tap water.

>> Dress appropriately in order to enter the Cathedral. They are strict about shorts, skirts, and dresses above the knee, and about bare backs and shoulders.

>> If you decide to take a day trip to Pisa, know that it is an hour away by train. You must take the designated bus to the train station, purchase your ticket, and validate it before hopping on. You can purchase your ticket from any kiosk at the train station, if not, any employee can help guide you. Once you have your ticket, validate it before boarding. Otherwise, you can be fined.

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