easy photo ideas to take at home during coronavirus

5 Easy At-Home Photoshoot Ideas

During these difficult times, some of us are having trouble trying to figure out how to continue to create content, where to have photoshoots, and how to still make your social media accounts look pretty.

Which is why I decided to share 5 easy at-home photoshoot ideas that you can recreate or be inspired by!

I guess this is mainly targeted to social media creatives, but even if you’re not one (yet), photography is a super fun hobby and will definitely help with boredom and stress. So go ahead and try these ideas yourself! Make sure to tag me if you do so I can see your beautiful work! 💗

1. Climb Your Car and Catch a Sunset

This is probably the easiest! All you have to do is hop on the roof of your car and wait for sunset! You don’t necessarily have to try to photograph the actual sunset because when the light is shining behind you, you will be super shadowy. Instead, face the sunset so that you are perfectly lit up. The blue, pink, and purple hues will surround you for a totally epic shot!

easy photo ideas to take at home during coronavirus

2. Pretend to Garden (or actually do it haha)

Go to your front or backyard, or wherever you can find a pretty garden, and go on your knees to get closer to the object (any plants, flowers, grass). Start posing and snap away!

easy photo photoshoot ideas during isolation

3. Walk Down the Street to Catch Some Pretty Sunlight

Earlier for the sunset picture I said to face the sunset, this time, face away from it! But for this picture you don’t have to wait until the sun meets the horizon. You actually want it to be behind you at your head-level. Cover the sun with your head or another object in the frame like a tree so that light can peak through but not blind your camera!

easy photo ideas to take at home during coronavirus

4. Make Your Car a Photo Studio

For this one you just have to hop inside your car and have your photographer or tripod close to the floor, maybe just 2.5 – 3ft tall. Also, make sure a bit of the door appears in the frame so you can get some dimension. And that’t it, start posing and start snapping!

easy photo ideas to take at home during coronavirus

5. Head to Your Roof | Apartment Rooftop | Balcony

You can take amazing pictures from any rooftop because you can capture the sky and maybe some pretty views! Add some props to create a vibe; like coffee, a book, flowers, or anything that goes hand-in-hand with your personality!

easy photo ideas to take at home during coronavirus

Hope you guys love these at-home photoshoot ideas! If you have any questions feel free to comment below or DM me on instagram, I’d be happy to help! 

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