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5 Easy At-Home Photoshoot Ideas Pt. 2

Do you need more at-home photoshoot ideas during quarantine? If yes, great! I have a whole new list for you!

A lot of you loved my last blog post about quarantine photoshoot ideas so I decided to make a part two! Hope you love this one just as much!

5 Easy At-Home Photoshoot Ideas Pt. 2

1. Cooking/Baking In The Kitchen

This one is so much fun! Find a cute spot in your kitchen, pull out your baking utensils, and start your photoshoot! Easy peasy!

Photo Tip: sprinkle some flour (or other ingredient) on the floor or counters to add an extra little touch of baking/cooking magic!

blogger photography, baking in the kitchen, cute cooking outfit, creative photography, blogger photography

2. Mailbox Photoshoot

This is definitely one of my favorites, I went outside to my mailbox and got this shot on the first try! You can sit on on the mailbox, stand next to it, or just pretend to be taking out your mail as you look back at the camera! Toss the mail in the air for an extra challenge and to make it extra fun!

Photo Tip: increase your shutter speed to make sure you capture the movement of the mail in the air.

5 easy at-home photoshoot ideas pt 2 - creative photography, blogger photography and outfit, photoshoot

3. Vintage/Retro Cars In The Neighborhood

Go on a walk around your neighborhood and see if you can find any cool cars to take pictures with. There’s usually always a fun car around! I found this truck and happen to have a matching dress, so I did what anyone else would do! I ran back to my house to get my camera, changed into my dress, and shot this photo while my neighbors watched! Haha!

Photo Tip: bring a prop with you; like flowers, a coffee mug, a handbag, or anything that fits the vibe!

5 easy at-home photoshoot ideas - retro car photography, vintage style, creative photography

Here’s a link to my At-Home Photoshoot Ideas Part 1!

4. Bathtub Spa Day

Set up a cute and relaxing bathtub session, make sure the vibe is appealing and aesthetic, bring your props (wine, magazines, books, candles, skincare products), and then just pose and shoot!

Photo Tip: add an object in the foreground to create dimension! In this photo I had a plant peeking through.

5 easy at-home photoshoot ideas - creative photography photography, bathtub photo

5. Hop On The Outside Mirror Photo Trend

I’m sure you’ve seen tons of pictures of people taking their mirrors outside and snapping some photos! Well, it’s never too late to take an epic mirror pic! Find a pretty spot in your backyard, front yard, or maybe even your neighbors’ (with their permission), and capture your beautiful reflection!

Photo Tip: try to place the mirror somewhere where there will be a pretty background, both behind the mirror and in the mirror’s reflection (other than you). In my photo I have flowers behind the mirror and trees and sky in the reflection.

outside mirror photo, creative photography, tiktok mirror trend, photography tips, photo ideas

If my photos inspire your next photoshoot or if you want to recreate them, please make sure to tag me on instagram @cindyycheeks so I can see and share your beautiful work with my followers!

Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram for more photo inspo!

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    1. Thanks Ana! Most of my pictures are taken with the help of my boyfriend, but I do have a handy tripod that helps me out here and there haha!😄💕

  1. That vintage vehicle one is cool but you forgot one thing ask permission first since it is someone else’s property!