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20 Fun Things To Do At Home During Quarantine

Unfortunately, we are going through some very difficult times at the moment and we are being asked to shelter in place. This is causing stress in a lot of us, making us less productive and decreasing our motivation! It may even be causing us to completely stop all usual and normal activity!

Trust me, I GET IT! I myself have had my fair share of lazy and unproductive days! And that’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with that! If you want to watch movies all day or sleep until 3pm, that’s OKAY! This experience is very traumatic and we’re all dealing with it as best as we can!

However, I think staying busy and finding creative ways to have fun is very important right now, especially for our mental health. That’s why I’m sharing a list of

20 fun things to do at home during quarantine

to help you pass the time and be a little less bored! Hope you find it helpful!

1. Start a Scrapbook

A lot of us keep photos stored in our phones, computers, and hard drives, but we rarely go back to admire them! Go through your photos, select your favorites, and start creating a scrapbook or photo album that will bring your most valued memories to life!

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2. Build a Fort

This takes a little bit of work but it is so much fun to do! You’ll literally feel like a child again! Make it cute and cozy and bring in some snacks for a true childlike experience!

3. Learn How To Edit Photos On Lightroom

Editing photos is like creating art! You can choose your colors, tones, mood, and you just paint away! Look up some YouTube videos and learn how to make your photos stand out by editing on Lightroom!

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4. Play Video Games

When is this ever not a good idea? I love playing Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart! They’re so much fun because you can play with your family or roommates and create competitions and rules of your own.

5. Go for a Quick Cruise Down the Street

We might not be able to be out and about, but a quick little drive down a main boulevard playing good music might help cheer you up a bit!

creative car photography - things to do during quarantine

6. Make a TikTok

Okay, I know some of you will be kind of hesitant to do this one, but, trust me, it’s so much fun! And it will definitely be a huge distraction! TikTok has fun music, dances, and challenges that you can recreate and participate in — and it’s totally addicting, might I add!

The picture below was inspired by a TikTok challenge!

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7. Build a Puzzle

Get yourself a 1000+ piece puzzle! Putting it together will definitely keep you occupied! Have your family or roommates help out to increase levels of fun!

8. Learn a New Recipe |Bake Some Yummy Treats

Food is a great way to bring everyone together because who doesn’t love food! At our house we usually cook or bake something new every week, then we rate and critique the dish, share our suggestions for improvement, and pretend like we’re professional chefs! Haha! It’s always a good time!

creative photography of girl baking banana nut bread - 20 things to do during quarantine

9. Workout at Home

I know you might dread this one, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult! It can be as simple as walking around your neighborhood, going up and down the stairs, having a solo dance party, or looking up fun YouTube workout videos!

10. Catch a Sunrise from Your Roof

This has to be one of my favorites because it’s SO EASY! Set your alarm early and go out to your roof or car like 30-40 minutes before the sun rises. Bring tea or coffee and enjoy the sky color hues transform from blue to orange to pink and purple! It’s just like magic!

easy photo ideas to take at home during coronavirus

11. Have a Movie or TV Show Marathon

This is a no brainer! If you love movies like I do then you will not fall short of options! Some good ones and personal favorites of mine include: Harry Potter, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Stranger Things, and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe movies!

Looking for more things to do at home? Check out my “Easy At-Home Photoshoot Ideas” blog post here!

12. Clean Up Your Space and Redecorate

Switching up your room and home decor and/or moving your furniture around might make you feel like you’re in a completely new place! Giving your home a face lift might be exactly what you need to avoid feeling like you’ve been trapped within the same walls!

13. Create a Spa Day

This is another one of my favorites! Set the tone with relaxing music, give yourself a facial, maybe even a manicure/pedicure, light some candles, and just relax!

at home spa day during quarantine

14. Practice Meditation 

Meditation is a really good habit to have; it helps improve focus and it promotes emotional health. This is the perfect time to start practicing! Begin by meditating for just 2 minutes and increase your time as you go. Headspace is a really good app to start with.

15. Do Some Gardening

Another form of therapy, gardening is known to relieve stress! Plus, you’ll have something pretty to look at AND you’ll have a fun little task to accomplish every day!

fun things to do during quarantine

16. Play Board Games

If you’re quarantined with family, friends, or roommates, then this is the perfect activity to spend some quality time together! My current favorites are Exploding Kittens, Blockbuster Movie Trivia, UNO, and Taboo!

17. Start A Blog

If you’ve ever wanted to start a blog but have never found the time, then this is when you should start! You can share stories, tips, photos, whatever you’d like…there are no rules! It’s like having your own personal but public online journal!

18. Start a New Book

Reading will make time fly right past you! Once you pick up a good book it’s hard to put it down! Here are some of my favorite reads:

19. Hope on Top of Your Car to Catch a Sunset

This is another one of my favorites! There’s something about climbing on top of your car for sunset that is just so whimsical! Bring some wine, relax, and enjoy the sky transform from golden hour to blue hour! Maybe you’ll even catch some pretty moonlight!

20 fun things to do at home during quarantine

20. Paint | Draw | Sketch

This has helped with my stress levels and with any anxiety I’ve experienced! Painting is incredibly soothing for me and it doesn’t even require a lot of equipment or experience! All you need is a canvas, paint brushes, and acrylic paint! Or, you can simply do some sketching/drawing with pencil or pen.

dreamy canvas painting

That’s it for now! How have you been keeping busy? Comment below any fun activity suggestion! 

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