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13 Christmas Movies That Will Lift Your Holiday Spirit

13 Christmas Movies to Watch this Season that will Lift Your Holiday Spirit

Christmas is only one week away and some of us are still having trouble getting in the festive holiday mood! Who could blame you? It’s been a tough year! And with everyone stuck at home, I’m sure you’ll be turning to your TVs for some holiday entertainment! Which is why I’ve put together a list of all my favorite Christmas movies, including the ones on my watchlist! From all-time classics like Elf and Home Alone to this year’s Netflix originals, this list has something for everyone and they will surely lift your holiday spirit!

Grab a cup of hot chocolate, turn on the fireplace, and throw on one of these epic Christmas movies for some great holiday fun!

13 Christmas Movies That Will Lift Your Holiday Spirit

1. Home Alone 1&2

Of course, I had to start with my absolute favorite Christmas movie EVER!! Who could possibly get tired of Macaulay Culkin as KEVIIIIN!!! I don’t think this movie needs a synopsis but, just in case, Kevin’s family takes off to Paris for a Christmas vacation and they forget Kevin at home! While he’s alone, he protects his house from two dimwit thieves! The second one takes place in New York and it is just as awesome!

Watch them on Disney+

2. Elf

Elf is my second favorite holiday movie! Buddy (Will Ferrel) is an orphan who was raised by Santa’s elves and journeys to New York City to find his biological father after realizing he’s not a real elf! It’s freakin’ hilarious and always a good time!

Watch it on Starz or Hulu premium subscription

3. The Santa Clause

Tim Allen is possibly the best Santa Claus! He plays a divorced, single dad who lacks faith in Christmas but is forced to become the new Santa after accidentally startling and causing a man in a red suit to fall off the roof. He thinks it’s a dream but then he inexplicably starts to grow a white beard and huge belly. This one definitely ranks high on my list!

Watch it on Disney +

4. Happiest Season

I recently watched this and absolutely loved it! Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis play a lesbian couple who head home for the holidays. Harper (Davis) takes Abby (Stewart) to meet her parents but Harper hasn’t come out to her conservative family yet! It’s a heart-warming and feel-good comedy! Definitely add this one to your list!

Watch it on Hulu

5. The Holiday

This one is so much fun! Two ladies (Cameron Diaz & Kate Winslet) who are heartbroken and unlucky with love decide to swap homes for the holidays. One of them is from a picture-perfect town in England and the other is from Hollywood, California. Absolutely love this romantic pick-me-up holiday film!

Rent it on Vudu

6. The Christmas Chronicles Pt.1&2

I watched part one last year and the second one is still on my watchlist! But the first one was super cute! This movie was created by the creators of Home Alone and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone so it’s bound to be a good one! Two siblings plan a mischievous scheme to capture Santa (played by Kurt Russell) but things don’t go as planned! The kids then have to help Santa and save the holiday before it’s too late! Definitely a family favorite!

Watch it on Netflix

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7. The Grinch (2018)

Unpopular opinion: the newest animated adaptation of the Grinch is actually super cute and possibly the best one! Sure the original short has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes and who doesn’t love Jim Carrey, but this adaptation is bright, funny, and heart-warming! Of course, you know the Grinch is lonely, hates Christmas, and wants to steal all the joy! With the help of his loyal dog, Max, he poses as Santa and steals Christmas!

Rent it on Amazon Prime

8. Love Actually

This British Christmas movie tells NINE love stories that intertwine and features an ensemble cast! Liam Neeson, Keira Knightly, Alan Rickman (professor Snape from Harry Potter), Denise Richards, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Andrew Lincoln (from The Walking Dead), all make an appearance in this fun Christmas-themed romantic comedy!

Rent it on Amazon Prime

9. The Harry Potter Series 1&2

Yeah, I said it! Both Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone AND Chamber of Secrets have some major Christmassy vibes! These movies are fun, magical, enchanted, and it’s Harry Potter! Do you need a better reason than that?

Watch them on USA or SYFY

10. Noelle

I just watched this a couple of days ago and it’s so cute! Some people might find it cheesy but I was genuinely laughing so much and almost cried a few times! Haha! It’s about Santa’s daughter, Noelle, who tries to help her brother, Nick, as he trains to be the new Santa. Nick is failing miserably so she suggests he take a weekend vacation…but then he does’t return. Noelle has to go find him in Phoenix, Arizona and convince him to come back to the North Pole.

Watch it on Disney+

11. Let It Snow

This one has been on my watchlist for a while now! It has a high rating on Rotten Tomatoes and it features an actress from one of my favorite shows, Kiernan Shipka from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It’s based on a best-selling novel and tells the stories of a group of high school students whose friendships and love lives collide after a snowstorm hits in a small town in Illinois.

Watch it on Netflix

12. The Knight Before Christmas

Another on my watchlist! Vanessa Hudgens stars in this romantic Christmas comedy as a teacher named Brooke who accidentally hits a man with her car. Turns out that man is a medieval English knight who has traveled from the 14th century and was sent to the future to fulfill his destiny! Can’t wait to make my boyfriend watch this one! LOL!

Watch it on Netflix

13. The Family Stone

I love The Family Stone SO much! I watch it every single year! It genuinely moves me and touches my heart! I can’t even begin to explain! This film tells the story of a man named Everett who takes his girlfriend, Meredith (played by Sarah Jessica Parker), home for Christmas and intends on asking his mother for the family ring so he can propose. But the problem here is that his liberal family is not too fond of his uptight, conservative girlfriend!

Watch it on HBO

Notable Mentions

I asked my followers on Instagram for their favorite Christmas movies and here are some notable mentions that weren’t included on this list: Klaus, Christmas with the Kranks, A California Christmas, Bad Santa, Jingle All the Way, Four Christmases, The Princess Switch, Happy Christmas, While You Were Sleeping, and Jingle Jingle: A Christmas Journey.

Movie-Watching & Streaming Tips

If you currently don’t have a particular streaming service, simply google “free trial” plus the name of the service you want. For example, “free trial Hulu,” and create a temporary free account. Once you’re done, cancel the trial so you don’t get charged. This way you’ll have access to all your favorite Christmas movies for the holidays!

That’s it for now! I hope you found this list helpful…and jolly! Let me know which movie you would add to this list in the comments below!

Happy Holidays!




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