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10 Random Facts About Me

Hi loves!

I’m doing this blog post because I really want my readers to connect with me. I usually tend to follow bloggers that are more transparent and honest — bloggers that make me feel like we can be friends. Well, I, too, want to make you feel like we can be friends. Because we can! 🙂

Here are 10 random facts about me. I hope you enjoy!

1. I’m addicted to coffee. I don’t feel like I need it for energy, on the contrary, it sometimes puts me to sleep. I actually do love the taste and smell of coffee. But I should probably quit! It speeds up the aging process! Yikes!

2. I’m 5’2 and a HALF! 🙂

3. When I graduated high school, I thought I was going to be a registered nurse but I soon realized I was too empathetic for the job. If I would’ve gone through with it I would’ve been crying 24/7 and getting too attached to patients.

4. I’m vegetarian but very close to becoming vegan. I hate the idea of animals being tortured! Cows, chickens, and pigs, all have feelings and want to live a full, happy life. Just like your pet dog and/or cat. Also, raising livestock is EXTREMELY bad for our environment.

5. I love to workout! But I wasn’t aware of this until I gained weight my first year of college. Once I realized I had gained twenty pounds, I started exercising regularly. I learned that I’m happiest and more myself when I adapt a healthy lifestyle.

6. I’m a huge bookworm. I love to read! Especially self-help, personal growth, and health and fitness books.

7. I was born in the US but both of my parents are Mexican. I even lived in Mexico for two years because my dad’s boss offered him to start a business project there. It was a drastic change and quite hard on me, but thanks to the move I’m fluent in Spanish and I developed a deep appreciation for the Mexican culture.

8. I have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) over organization. I’m the most organized person I’ve ever met. As a child, I used to visit my cousins and I would offer to organize their toys, closet, or dresser before agreeing to play with them. True story.

9. I make myself laugh, pretty much, every day. My sense of humor is quirky and fun. I find joy in everything! Sometimes, when people tell jokes, I start laughing before the punch line. LOL!

10. Growing up, I was blessed to live quite comfortably, thanks to my hardworking dad. But, I never felt entitled, greedy, or selfish. Quite the opposite — I’m VERY humble and I LOVE to give! I plan on volunteering and working with charitable organizations.


11. I love movies! Comedy, romance, horror, thrillers, crime, action, drama, sci-fi — I enjoy all genres! But my all-time favorite is the Harry Potter series! I geek out over HP!

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